Natural language as a tool in psychological research

Seminar with exercises, Tuesdays, 16.15-17.45, Room 3

Seminar structure

This seminar with exercises will teach you how to use natural language to inform psychological questions. With the rise of computers and the Internet natural language has become an accessible tool for psychological research. Resources such as the microblogging service twitter or Google N-gram and open-source programming libraries in R and Python enable researchers to use natural language to address psychological questions. This seminar teaches natural language processing through introductory presentation and practical programming exercises in R. You will learn how to extract natural language from the Internet, how to process it using common natural language processing libraries in R, and how to then use the result to address psychological questions.

Seminar sessions begin with a 10 to 30 minute introductory presentation. The rest of the time students work on their programming assignment. To pass the seminar students must hand in each week’s programming assignment until Sunday 11:59pm and conduct and present a small research project. Attendance is recommended, but not required.


27.02. Intro

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06.03. R Intro I

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13.03. - No class -

20.03. R Intro II

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27.03. Books

03.04. Zipfian

10.04. Semantics

17.04. Twitter

24.04. Sentiment

01.05. - no class -

08.05. Projects

15.05. Projects

22.05. Presentations

29.05. - no class -