I am a researcher at the Center for Cognitive and Decision Science (CDS), University of Basel, Switzerland, and an adjunct researcher at the Center for Adaptive Rationality (ARC), Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Germany.

My research broadly focuses on modeling human cognition. I am interested in decisions from experience and decisions under uncertainty, semantic networks and their development across the life span, search processes in external and internal environments, and hand- and mouse-tracking methodologies.

One project I am currently excited about is Small World of Words. In this project, we attempt to measure the shared mental lexicon of several languages. If you would like participate, choose your language and follow the instructions: English, Deutsch, Português, русский, Italiano, Nederlands, Français, Español. For more information visit Projekt (German) or Project (English).

Find my Publications at Google Scholar and Researchgate.


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Dr. Dirk U. Wulff

Center for Cognitive and Decision Science
Department of Psychology, University of Basel
Missionsstrasse 64A, CH-4055 Basel